Sunday, December 7, 2008

Using Free SMTP Server

In Vista (Home Premium) when you are developing on your workstation, you can not sent email. Because Vista does not support a local smtp server. (like Windows XP)

But you can use Free SMTP! Download this tool, run this tool and start your solution and now you can sent mail.

Remark: if you have running another tool which manipulates the locates host (for example Yahoo pops) you have too close them.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Guidelines for Exception handling

On the blog Marc's Musings I have found some guidelines for Exception Handling. So now when you use a try...catch check this guidelines for correct usage...


Start of my Blog

During work I have found some nice articles or I have getting some tips or advices from colleagues... but the big issue is how to organize all this information.

So I thought let's start a blog, so I can share this information with others and I can easily search in my own head (ehh blog;)

Nice reading and comments and tips are always welcome!