Friday, January 22, 2010

Get the name of the method

Sometimes it is easy to print the methodname of the current method. This can be typed manually, but with use of Reflection this can be retrieved with the following simple command:


Monday, January 11, 2010

Saturday, January 9, 2010


Reflector is a tool for disassembly a dll. So you can see the source code and you can analyse if the assembly works correctly.

Link dump

Loading Message with Ajax

Resolve urls with Javascript

Logging guidelines

Enterprise Library Logging

For logging exception the Enterprise Library an usefull tool.

.NET Validators

When using 'Validators' you must use the property "IsValid" and you must use the method "Validate".
For a CustomValidator you must implement the 'ServerValidate' event.
Also the property 'ClientValidationFunction' must be set to organize the Client side validatie.

source: validator
arguments.value: the control which must be validated
arguments.isvalid: true if the value is valid otherwise false.

Do not use underscores in DNS computer names

The support of Internet Explorer with underscore is not the same as for browsers like firefox and chrome.

Take the following address:

When you now want to store some information in the cookie, this goes wrong. So the advise is do not use underscores!

More information:

- (IE005)

Environmental overrides with Enterprise Library

For the most application there are several environments available. Each environment has his own configuration (like connection string, files and so on).

With Enterprise Library you can create environments and override some properties of the web.config. See for more information: Environmental overrides.