Friday, July 4, 2014

Tip for searching file in Windows Explorer

Tip for searching file in Windows ExplorerIn the Windows Explorer you can search for files, but when a file contains a point this will also be returned.

  • Company.Feature1.dll
  • Company.Feature2.dll
  • Company.dll
  • Company.Feature3.dll
Enter in the search panel Company.dll

The results are
  • Company.Feature1.dll
  • Company.Feature2.dll
  • Company.dll
  • Company.Feature3.dll
But I want only the Company.dll results.

So enter in the search panel filename:CircleSoftware.dll

The results are:
  • Company.dll

Visual Studio extensions which I use

SlowCheetah - XML Transforms

CssCop - FxCop for Stylesheets

Web Essentials

More extensions see:

Several use full links


Software Management 

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Some support for load and web tests in Visual Studio

Make JavaScript and CSS External

Using external files generally produces faster pages because the JavaScript and CSS files are cached by the browser. Inline JavaScript and CSS increases the HTML document size but reduces the number of HTTP requests. With cached external files, the size of the HTML is kept small without increasing the number of HTTP requests thus improving the performance.

Put Javascript file at the end of the document

Unlike StyleSheets, it is better to place (java)scripts to the end of the document. Progressive rendering is blocked until all StyleSheets have been downloaded. Scripts cause progressive rendering to stop for all content below the script until it is fully loaded. Moreover, while downloading a script, browser does not start any other component downloads, even on different hostnames.
So, always have scripts at the end of the document.

Discovering the BlogBooker website for creating a pdf of my Blog

With the help the website BlogBooker a can easily create a pdf file from my Blog. So I can print, mail, backup and transfer my complete Blog as a snapshot. Thanks...